4 Effective Ways to Utilize Solar Energy While Camping in Australia

Camping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. It lets us forget the pressures of our modern life and helps us embrace Mother Nature. While camping involves detaching from technology, you may still need to rely on electricity when out camping. Fortunately, it is possible to utilize natural resources like the sun to power up some camping equipment with solar panels and gadgets. Thanks to the invention of the solar panel, camping has never been easier and more comfortable.

Camping is so popular in Australia, and 80% of Australians venture outdoors for their holiday getaway. The question now is how do we utilize this energy for our camping trips? The following are just some examples of how you can use solar energy during camping:

1. Power Up Your Gadgets

One thing that can truly enhance your camping experience is access to electricity. While you may want to unplug during your adventure, you may still want to charge your appliances, gadgets, and equipment like GPS devices, cellphones, LED lanterns, cameras, electronic coolers, and more.

The unavailability of electricity during camping trips can make camping quite hard and sometimes uncomfortable. With a solar panel set up for your RV, you could have total access to electricity that will help power up all of your devices. Not only will this make your camping trip a little more convenient, but it will also make it more enjoyable.

2. Solar Cooking

With the power of the sun in the palm of your hand, you can now prepare better meals for your camping trip. With solar ovens available almost anywhere, it has never gotten easy than this to prepare sophisticated dishes out in the wild.

Instead of spending time gathering some firewood, you can now get the food on the table on time, and you will have extra time for more fun activities like fishing or hunting. You also don’t have to worry anymore about undercooked or overcooked meals because these solar ovens can cook evenly and effectively.

Besides, a solar oven is highly versatile and can be used for baking, roasting, and keeping food warm. The dimensions for these solar ovens would usually be around 19” x 19”. This means that they won’t take up much space in your RV.

3. Warm Showers

There is no denying that it can get cold when out camping, and the last thing you want is to shower with cold water. Just because you want to embrace Mother Nature doesn’t mean that you have to suffer cold showers every morning.

Luckily, a solar-powered heating tool can help you enjoy hot showers. A portable solar-powered water system can be quite an expensive investment. However, it is a worthy investment if comfort matters to you. Also, you should take note that this kind of water system is mostly available for large vehicles such as caravans or 4x4s.

4. Brighter Camping Trips

Solar-powered lights come in different designs and practicality and would do so well for your camping holiday. Darkness will no longer be a problem after you come from your camping adventure. These lights are bright enough for you to navigate through the darkness easily.

What’s more, solar-powered lights aren’t that expensive, so getting one or two of them won’t hurt your budget that much. Besides, these lights have a lower power draw when compared to traditional lights.


Solar energy comes in handy when you venture out and explore the outdoors. It offers the convenience of having electricity, warm baths, easy cooking methods, and bright lights. What’s more, this kind of investment is a worthy investment in the long run because electricity is becoming a lot more expensive.

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