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Are Solar Panels Worth It in Darwin?

The dazzling city of Darwin, located in Australia’s Northern Territory, is renowned for its tropical climate, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes. Nestled against the Arafura Sea, this city enjoys sunshine throughout the year, making it a prime candidate for harnessing the power of solar energy. Again, as the world increasingly turns to sustainable energy sources, Darwin has …

solar panels on roofs in Canberra

Solar Panels Canberra (ACT): Types of Panels, Costs and Installers

The sight of solar panels on rooftops would have been an odd sight several years back when the concept of renewable energy wasn’t popular. However, a lot has changed since then, and as solar technology and its products grew in prominence, solar panel installation became pretty common. Many Canberians have warmed up to the idea of having their roofs packed with solar panels because of the immense benefits that come with them.
As a resident of Canberra, the capital city of Australia, you may be considering installing a solar panel system, but you’re yet to do so because you either still need some convincing or you don&#…

4 Effective Ways to Utilize Solar Energy While Camping in Australia

Camping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. It lets us forget the pressures of our modern life and helps us embrace Mother Nature. While camping involves detaching from technology, you may still need to rely on electricity when out camping. Fortunately, it is possible to utilize natural resources like the sun to power up some camping equipment with solar panels and gadgets. Thanks to the invention of the solar panel, camping has never been easier and more comfortable.
Camping is so popular in Australia, and …

A Better Year of Well-regulated Solar Energy for Australia Ahead

The latest Carbon Market Data Report from the Clean Energy Regulator reaffirms what a successful year renewable energy had in Australia in the earlier year. That said, we can look forward to the same, if not better, progress for this coming year.
The Carbon Market Data Report back in December 2020, which was released yesterday, notes that 7 gigawatts of reinforced renewable energy potential were installed across Australia, significantly exceeding the Regulator’s initial estimate of 6.3GW.
The Potential in Small-scale Renewable Solar Energy
Three gigawatts of capacity were installed last year through the …

Notes on Snowy Hydro 2.0

A massive machine has begun carving its way through the earth of the Snowy Mountains, forming a massive tunnel for one of the world’s largest hydro energy pumping storage systems. The Snowy Hydro 2.0 arrangement is so audacious that legislators may be legally obligated to pose for photo ops wearing two hard hats.
The project will construct massive turbines capable of supplying 2 gigawatts of electricity deep underground. Only two existing Australian renewable energy stations are capable of providing additional capacity.
Snowy Hydro 2.0 will collect enough energy that it will theoretically be able to provide two …

Solar Energy Now Powers the Darwin International Airport

Expanding on the property of the Darwin International Airport site, which is already a whopping 300 hectares, is already impressive when it comes to solar potential. This approach will be done with additional solar panels to appear on rooftops. That said, a total of 4MW of additional solar energy will be added to these areas:

Cold Storage Facility
Southern Osgood Business Park
Main Airport terminals, including the parking area

DIA, which is owned, operated, and managed by the Airport Development Group already has a solar photovoltaic capacity of 6 megawatts. At the first stage…

MPower Moves Towards Small-scale Solar Utility Farms

MPower recently has connected two of their five-megawatt tower solar farms in Australia, both of which are in the southern part of the state.
A 5MW solar plant on the same day it was announced that is made in connection with a project at the southern part of South Australia’s Mid North regions. This was specifically done as part of the powerplant commissioning that began in the preceding month. Moreover, it came with an expectation that it promises to produce outputs with full capacity over the next several weeks
Today, the MPower firm has said that it has tied a new 5MW solar project in Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula in…

Australian Solar Tiles Launched by Tesla

A few years ago in Australia, fans were looking forward to an imminent launch of the roofs of Tesla solar panels. Elon Musk was keen that there would be a launch, the main speculation was that if these Tesla solar roof tiles will ever be in Australia.
Until now, the response has been — no, we cannot! However, there happens to be some good news for fans of the Tesla technology, and some bad news for those who value for money. These solar roofs from Tesla will commence installation on the 1st of July, after years of delay. They are currently accepting reservations. Unfortunately, they’re prohibitively expensive.
This …

A Survey is Released for Solar Companies in Western Australia

The government partnered with solar companies in Western Australia to seek feedback on the current state of their clean energy journey using photovoltaic approaches.
It will be done using a survey, which is being conducted by the Building Energy and the Mining Department Division, alongside the Industry Regulation Bureau for Safety. This was viewed as an effective method to gain a better comprehension of how the community responds to the transition and how the solar industry can improve upon its systems.
Moreover, the survey covers nine essential questions that can give the administration an overhead view of the renewable …

Solar Battery Loans are Discussed at the Tasmanian Labor Union

We have known solar power to be promising and beneficial. That said, the Tasmanian Labor Union is now campaigning for renewable energy in order to win voters at the polls for the coming election. Just recently, they have decided to announce their plans over a publicly addressed discussion.
Better Energy Production
Tasmania has done quite well with renewable energy under the present government. In fact, they have outdone themselves by reaching a 100% success rate last year. However, a large portion of that is due to Hydrothermal and Wind energy.
Solar and Photovoltaic energy is still the underdog in this game, and …