Australian Solar Tiles Launched by Tesla

A few years ago in Australia, fans were looking forward to an imminent launch of the roofs of Tesla solar panels. Elon Musk was keen that there would be a launch, the main speculation was that if these Tesla solar roof tiles will ever be in Australia.

Until now, the response has been — no, we cannot! However, there happens to be some good news for fans of the Tesla technology, and some bad news for those who value for money. These solar roofs from Tesla will commence installation on the 1st of July, after years of delay. They are currently accepting reservations. Unfortunately, they’re prohibitively expensive.

This venture does come with a silver lining, in spite of its lengthy delay. It has provided Tesla with an opportunity to improve its value proposition. This means that Australians can now take advantage of more efficient ‘Phase 2′ solar tiles.

Furthermore, by leveraging technology developed by Musk’s SpaceX, the first thousand on systems involving Tesla solar roofing systems sold in Australia will receive complimentary “Satellite Sunshine.”

Musk claims that this outrageous technology – which is quite akin to the concepts of a literary piece from Isaac Asimov – encourages more technology from Tesla in order to properly continue producing renewable energy without relying on electrical power as much as we did in the past.

This is no Cheap Venture

Before you rush to get your own Tesla solar roofing system, we advise you that it will cost you a good coin. This is true regardless of whether you are building a new home or replacing an existing roof, and these solar tiles can eventually save you money on roofing material.

While no pricing information has been provided for Australia, this Electrek article states that a current Phase 1 solar roof covering 400 square metres with a capacity of 12.3 kilowatts costs between $100,000 and $130,000 Australian dollars. That is more than double the price of a top-grade tile roof or a typical photovoltaic system suitable to a country of this size.

Given that we have the lowest cost for solar roofing installations on a global scale, we presume that Tesla realized they needed to include a sweetener to move a reasonable number of roofs, which is why only Australians are eligible for the free ‘Satellite Sunshine’ deal.

The New Generation of Tesla Solar Roofing Tiles

Following the global unveiling of Tesla Solar Tiles November 2016 was a relatively quiet month. For the initial three years, they were only seen on Tesla employees’ roofs; 18 months ago, they began to be shipped to the US. They were delayed for a variety of reasons, including an untimely focus on the electric Model 3 self-driving sedan.

However, in the case of Tesla solar roofs, this delay eventually proved itself to be a blessing in disguise. If we believe Tesla’s claims, the additional time requires our new solar roofs an out-of-this-world advantage.

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