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The opportunity to build PV businesses attracts a huge number of new entrants; but few succeed.

Whilst other companies offer advice and guidance to build businesses on a generic basis, only SolarBusinessServices can guide you with PV industry experience that spans twenty years. With the benefit of hindsight, we’ve seen it all tried before.

We have worked in the PV manufacturing industry, so we understand the manufacturing supply chain like few others. But we aren’t from an ivory tower; we have installed all forms of renewable technologies,  lived and worked with it too.

We know what it’s like to be in big business,  small business and how to walk the halls of Parliament and we have advised countless companies on how to avoid the pitfalls in our industry.

We offer fantastic and engaging  training for your staff and and coaching for managers and senior team member. covering existing and new businesses.

We provide valuable intelligence and forecast reports, so we understand where the industry is headed and who you will compete with better than most.

If you are considering starting your own PV business, stop right now.

Pick up the phone and talk to us or take a look through our brochure on what we can do to help you.

It might just be the smartest thing you ever did.

  1. Hello,

    I:am living in Curacao. I want to start my Pv compagny. Can you help my also? If yes in what way would this be?



    • Hi Rene

      Wow, great to hear from you all the way over there in the Caribbean!

      The way I look at solar businesses is like a puzzle; a number of key pieces have to fit together and compliment each other for it to be effective. IN your case I would guess the key issues are supply chain, affordability and understanding the needs of the consumers who might purchase. I did a bit of research and found the Aqualectric site here which has some good information; seems they are supportive of solar energy and wind connections?

  2. Hi There.. I am so interested in starting my own solar panel business.. but im directing it more towards the solar powered car industry. my main goal is to open my own solar panel petrol station.. but im unsure where to start with this.. any tips?

    • Hi Kayla

      Do you mean a solar recharging station for electric cars? Great idea! Unfortunately, there aren’t many on the road yet (around 100 in all of Australia probably?) but its growing fast and electric motorcycles too.

      Staring point would be to research where most of the electric cars have been sold and put your solar station there where you will have most customers. Take a look at what Elon Musk is doing in the US with his fast charging stations; very cool.

  3. Darryl Naidoo


    I’m interested in starting a Solar Power System company in New Zealand and perhaps Australia. What resources (websites/expert blogs) or advice would you give me?


    • Hi Daryl

      That’s exactly what we do and I’m sure we can help!

      Please do contact us via our contact page and we can get started

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