PV Businesses for sale

As a result of increasing inquiries (to sell and to buy) PV businesses,  we have dedicated this page to information on PV companies that we know of that are for sale.

We are not sales agents or brokers but are interested in helping companies enter and exit the industry as they see fit.

If you are interested in additional information or would like your company listed here, please contact us here and we’ll start the ball rolling.


Company 1 – NEW LISTING

Company name: Private

Type: PV Wholesaler and pumping specialist

Features: Established dealer network, long track record, key product lines

Location: National

Listed: March 2014

Further information:See company summary here


Company 2

Company name: Private

Type: PV Retailer, Residential and Commercial

Features: Massive database, unique positioning, forward thinking

Location: NSW

Listed: December 2013

Further information:See company summary here


Company 3

Company name: Bellingen Solar

Type: PV Retail and Installation

Location: Bellingen,  NSW

Listed: April 2012

Further informationSOLD


Company 4

Company name: Private

Type: PV Retail and installation business

Location: Rural Victoria

Listed: December 2011

Further information: SOLD


 Company 5

Company name: Private

Type: PV Retail and installation business

Location: NSW

Listed: April 2012

Further information: See company summary here



  1. October 20, 2013

    Hi there, i am interested purchasing solar business. pls can you forward some more info regarding the business #3. such as KW/pa, TO, acquisition price guide. thanks.

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