Is the fossil fuel lobby on the ropes?

10 Feb, 2012

One things is for sure, when there is a fight the last thing you want is to be up against the ropes. You have few places to manouvever and often tactics become hyper aggresive in an attempt to simply survive.

It seems to me that this is increasingly how the fossil fuel lobby is behaving; if we wern’t a threat they would simply ignore us. But they arent. They are increasing their defensive tactics at a prodigous rate.

Only last week I heard allegations of a major eletricty retailer lobbying state ministers at a prodigous rate, in their attempt to have the RET overturned. The allegaation was the stories being spread by the utility were nothing short “complete b******t, and utter distortions of the truth” according to one source.

And of course, there is the media or more importantly how the media are influenced. If you ever speculated about their motivations, you need not anymore.

Footage has recently surfaced (below) from a meeting in July 2011 where the infamous climate change sceptic Lord Monckton (who visited at the behest of no less than Gina Rhinehart) adressed a meeting of coal industry and climate change skeptics.

The footage and the resultant spending spree on media outlets by Rhinehart ( $192M and almost 10%  in Fairfax) make the agend perfectly clear. Rhinehart also sits on the board of Channel 10 after picking up a small stake, not long after the meeting took place.

So the good news is, they are on the ropes to some degree. They feel threatened enough to invest millions.

On the flipside, we are competing for media attention with some of the worlds most wealthy people.

We can take strength in the incredible Evander Holyfield who once said “its not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.”

Thanks to GetUp! and Graham Redfearn for their great research on this story.

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Nigel Morris

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