Dirty tricks in the PV industry ?

16 May, 2012

The other day, like many other industry people I received an unsigned, unsolicited email from an alleged inverter manufacturer.

The email contained a worrying story about the “catastrophic” failure of a competitors inverter, apparently the second in as many weeks.

It was poorly written, without evidence (although it did name one local solar company) and was generally a  huge slander on a competitor without substantiation.

I have seen this type of work before; a few weeks ago a story posted on top ranking clean energy web site was perpetually commented on by a “troll”; a paid subversive who often poses as multiple people and hides behind a variety of names and domains so as to be untraceable.

In that case their agenda was consistent and clear: send a message that solar will burn down your house and makes no financial sense at all, based on the same series of spurious news articles. Motivation? Clearly to try and discredit solar PV. Driven by? people who are threatened by PV but want or need to remain anonymous.

I’m not saying this email was from a troll; but I replied out of genuine concern only to get a bounced reply which suspiciously contained a very long address including the word spam….

There is a certain inverter manufacturer out there who certainly has some explaining to do though, imho.

My glass is half full so I am buoyed by all this clumsy, ridiculous cloak and dagger stuff; If solar wasn’t a threat, they wouldn’t bother and being a threat  means we are  a serious competitive force  – to someone. We are rocking conventional energy’s boat.

“Feel the force Luke, Feel the force”


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Nigel Morris
Nigel Morris

Nigel is the Director of SolarBusinessServices. After almost 20 years working for other companies SbS Director Nigel Morris, established the company in 2009 with a view to providing other organisations with the benefits of his wide experience in the renewable energy industry.

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