Carbon abatement with PV at $33 per tonne.

07 Jun, 2012

Its always refreshing when climate sceptics prove your point for you.

In October 2010 the National Generators Forum  said that the cost of carbon abatement through PV was up to $1500/ tonne.

Then in Feb 2011, the Australian said it was $300/tonne.

Then the Productivity Comission said it was $1000 a tonne in July 2011.

And today, the Australian reckons its $284/tonne as a result of the Solar Schools program.

Although these numbers have and should be disputed because they fail to recognise the lifetime and wider benefits of PV, they do demonstrate the significant reductions, using their own sceptical methodologies, confirming what industry has been saying.

If you do a quick calculation taking into account the value of the primary (REC or STC) rebate available as it’s subsidised cost of abatement, you would get closer to $80 per tonne in 2010, $50 a tonne in June 2012 and post the next multiplier reduction on July1st 2012- a stunning $33 per tonne.

Carbon abatement with PV at $33 per tonne; nice.

And the community chips in with an investment fund of their own, to buy the system for their home or office.

And its still going down in cost.

What’s not to like about this story??


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Nigel Morris

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